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Contact the ISP: https://www.otelco.com

Phone: 877-643-6246 or email: techsupport@otelco.com

Contact the LMLP: lmlp@leverett.ma.us


Basic Information

LeverettNet is a Fiber-optic-To-The-Home (FTTH) broadband network owned by the Town of Leverett. LeverettNet is operated under the telecom authority of the Leverett Municipal Light Plant (LMLP), which contracts with third parties for Network Operator, Internet Services Provider (ISP), and maintenance functions.

LeverettNet provides symmetrical (equal upload and download) 1-gigabyte per second (1Gbps) active ethernet (dedicated fiber links) connectivity between each subscriber location and the Internet point of presence. LeverettNet connects from the poit of presence to the Internet Service Provider at 2Gbps.

Subscribers pay a monthly ISP fee, plus a LMLP charge for Network Operator and maintenance costs. For current monthly charges, contact Otelco.

Protect your fiber connection

In order to avoid expensive repairs to the fiber-optic cable that brings LeverettNet telephone and Internet services to each premise, remember it is the property owner’s responsibility to avoid damage to the fiber and the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The Leverett Municipal Light Plant (LMLP), in accordance with general utility company practice, holds homeowners responsible for costs to repair fiber broken or damaged by homeowner or homeowner-contracted activities, including digging, moving, tampering with, or otherwise interfering with the fiber cable or ONT. See the FAQ file or more information about locating the cable.

Otelco changed into GoNetSpeed - May 2022

Otelco recently experienced a rebranding transition and changed their name to GoNetSpeed. All communications with them are now done under the GoNetSpeed name. We believe that phone numbers have stayed the same. GoNetSpeed will be handling all ISP services for Leverett until the transition to Fibersonic in December, so if you experience an outage or have any problems with your phone or internet service between now and December, please call GoNetSpeed at 877-643-6246.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) to change in December 2022

The LMLP has voted and signed a contract to switch ISP services to Fibersonic, which is the ISP part of the South Hadley Electric Light Department (SHELD). The LMLP likes the fact the SHELD is also a municipal light plant, not profit based, closer to Leverett, and still associated with Holyoke Gas & Electric, so that the network side of LeverettNet’s services will not change.

We expect that there will be minimal (if any) changes to your service. Your landline phone numbers will remain the same, and your Leverettnet email addresses will not have to change. The monthly costs for standard internet and phone service will remain the same. Phone service users will have to set up their messages and answering service again with the new provider.

In order to avoid a transition during the winter holidays, expect the transition to occur in early December 2022.

If you want to research the new provider, here is a link to their services: https://www.fibersonic.com/

There will be more details as the changeover date approaches.

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Additional Info

Leverett Municipal Light Plant Members

Rob Brooks, Chair

George Drake

Robert Weller

Manager: Marjorie McGinnis

Contact: lmlp@leverett.ma.us


TREE TRIM REQUEST - If you know of a tree that looks like a danger to the wires along the street, please let us know by emailing the tree location (nearest house address) and the numbers on the nearest pole with a description of the problem to lmlp@leverett.ma.us

USAC Affordability Connection Porgram - The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a U.S. government program that helps many low income households pay for broadband service and internet connected devices. To learn more Home - ACP - Universal Service Administrative Company (affordableconnectivity.gov)

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