Request for Public Comments on the First Draft of the Comprehensive Plan

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The first draft of the Comprehensive Plan is now available for download below.

Printed copies are available at the Library!

There are two options for submitting your feedback directly and anonymously to the 3rd-party consultant team:

If you need help, write to me for assistance: Tim Shores at

You may submit feedback until June 10. Yes, June 10 ... This is a correction to the May 31 deadline announced previously. The release of the draft was delayed, and we want to give everyone as much time as we can to provide feedback!

Download: Leverett Plan

Name Uploaded Date
   DRAFT FOR REVIEW Leverett Comprehensive Plan May 2024.pdf 2024-05-14 10:28:05

Guidance on Feedback

The Comprehensive Plan is a new chapter in the history of Leverett and contains the potential to guide community decisions for years to come. We hope everyone will read it closely and send thoughtful comments.

Feedback will result in corrections to the final plan when it identifies verifiable errors and omissions, and sections that need clarification.

Feedback that is interpretive and values-oriented will be published in an appendix to the plan, rather than result in corrections that may be at odds with data collected during the planning process.

When you read the draft, ask yourself how the plan:

  • Reflects the values of the Town
  • Describes our challenges and limited resources
  • Provides guidance that balances our differing perspecties and priorities
  • Recommends practical implementation of difficult and necessarily imperfect decisions
  • Helps us to achieve a workable consensus in preparation for an uncertain future

After receiving community feedback on the first draft, Innes Associates will complete the final draft by June 30, 2024. The Plan then goes to the Planning Board to vote on whether to accept it as Leverett's Comprehensive Plan.

An accepted plan that follows the statutory requirements of Massachusetts General Law Part I, Title VII, Chapter 41, Section 81D can deliver these benefits:

  • Helps to win state grants that are aligned with the plan
  • Helps a town prevent unwanted development
  • Helps a town modernize its zoning in response to changing conditions
  • Helps a community hold its municipal government to account

A comprehensive plan forces no obligations or unfunded mandates upon a town. It's up to us to make it work for our own community's best interests.

So much gratitude to everyone who has pitched in to make this project a success --- and there have been a lot of helpers.

In solidarity,

Kimberly VanWagner (Steering Group and Planning Board member)

Arlyn Diamond (Steering Group member)

Tim Shores (Planning Board member)