Historical Commission Meeting

Monday, October 18, 2021, 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm
REMOTE - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86125147556
A meeting of the Historical Commission

Meeting of Historical Commission

Members: (Quorum)

  • Absent: Edie Field, Honorary
  • Present: Ann Tweedy, at 7:00 PM
  • Present: Sara Robinson, at 7:00 PM
  • Present: Susan Mareneck, Chair, at 7:00 PM
  • Present: Susan Lynton, at 7:15 PM
  • Present: Anne Schuyler, at 7:00 PM
  • Present: Eva Gibavic, at 7:00 PM

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Meeting opened: 7:13 PM

Meeting closed: 8:40 PM

  1. Meeting Preliminaries

  2. Access to Historical Commission monthly meeting - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86125147556

    • SM contact - leveretthistoryinfo@gmail.com Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86125147556 Meeting ID: 861 2514 7556 Since the state will allow virtual meetings to continue until 4/22, the LHC plans to hold a virtual meeting on zoom until further notice.

      General Discussion...
      Without notification, Zoom changed the security regulations and required a passcode. We will look into modifying the settings to eliminate that impediment, particularly for members of the public who would not know who to email for that information.

  3. Review and document CPA-funded properties

    • In-person meeting - Observations and documentation of historic properties which have received preservation funding from the Community Preservation Act account.

      General Discussion...
      No update at this time. SM still working on filling out forms for this year's visits. We have yet to approach the SB regarding an MOU promising to maintain the old Town Garage and Town Hall. No Historic Preservation Restriction(HPR) can be held by LHC for town property since we are a town body.

      Margie did give us a description of the two CPA funded projects (windows and siding) that have occurred at Town Hall and invited an inspection any time.

  4. Preservation Planning for Historical Assets

    • Industrial History programming - UPDATE on "A Sense of Where You Are: Getting to Know Leverett's Industrial Past' Virtual and in-person tours to Leverett's historic industrial landscape and sites." Signage program ("Town Pound" test case?) Slarrow Mill, Brushy Mtn. industries - mill, charcoal, other industries for 2022 programs?

      General Discussion...
      In preparation for the in-person visit to the Slarrow Sawmill in North Leverett on Saturday 10/23/21,
      the LHC charged Tom Stratford with mowing and clean-up. He spent 4 hours and will send bill. Pleun, Dennis and Eva are excited and have divvied up the presentation to speak about the mill itself, history and environs. We have not explored the signage program, though there has been mention that the Town Pound might be a good candidate for a sample sign.

    • LHS Collection Inventory - UPDATE - Moore's Corner Schoolhouse and Field Family Museum collections of the Leverett Historical Society inventoried and digitized.

      General Discussion...
      Ann Tweedy reports that the scanning and computer archiving equipment has been purchased. The UMass Public HIstory grad students, Charlotte, a Masters candidate and Emily, a PhD candidate are working Sundays/Tuesdays at the Moores' Corner Schoolhouse Museum of the Leverett Historical Society. Dawn Ward, LHS Sec. is overseeing the work and has organized the collection. The cataloguers are using Eva's PC as well to document all unique materials, letters, etc..not tax records and other data that may also be found in other locations. The project got off to a slow start since ordering the equipment presented some unforeseen obstacles: the town purchased and paid itself back through the CPA grant, which had not been done previously. There are now two scanners: one for documents, one specifically for photos. Everything will be uploaded to a terrabyte hard drive - Mac Meta External Storage device. Susan Lynton offered to donate a PC if needed. Since there is no internet service to the Moores' Corner Schoolhouse at present, the data will be accessible on a library computer. Eventual goal is to have our own program for collections, such as "Collective Access".

    • Slarrow Sawmill and other prominent historic properties - UPDATE - Select Board's ad hoc committee on question of accepting ownership of North Leverett (Slarrow - Kirley) Sawmill and Dam property. Discuss Historical Commission role in preserving town's historic properties. Most are privately owned. How can the Historical Commission take a pro-active stance to encourage preservation and sustainable adaptive re-use?

      General Discussion...
      At the October meeting, Pleun Bouricius. LHC collaborator, attended to discuss preserving the mill ruins down stream from the historic Slarrow Sawmill. The ad hoc Committee on the North Leverett Historic Dam/Sawmill Property, charged with determining the feasibility of the town accepting the Kirley brothers trust's offer to donate the property, plus an adjoining 2.6 acres to the town, is still researching possibilities before it tries to answer the question. Topics being discussed are: dam repair, enclosing the building and a possible heritage trail to include adjoining acreage with the remains of many mills downstream along the Sawmill River

  5. Historical Commission Mission and Vision

    • Mission statement - Mission & Vision statement draft. In addition to identifying and evaluating sites, how does LHC mission sync with encouraging sustainable preservation of our historical assets? Sterling mission statement - https://www.sterling-ma.gov/sterling-historical-commission

  6. LHC Activities Timeline

    • LHC Activities Timeline - Timeline illustrates Mission & Vision - draft. At this juncture, 3 years from the 250th, what focus of LHC might be most effective?

  7. History-related Cultural Events

    • Leverett 250 - Planning for 250th year 2024 in Leverett. Fund-raising questions. Next meeting Sunday, October 17, 3pm Town Hall. Activity subcommittees are working. A budget draft is underway.

      General Discussion...
      A meeting to be held on the Library lawn on Sunday, 10/17 produced some good reports. Back and forth about serving food. The Board of Health must be consulted. A parade and BBQ are planned for Fourth of July weekend. A car/truck show will be on Memorial Day weekend. (All in 2024). Back and forth about best process to arrive at a budget projection and how to organize events and planning most efficiently. Next meeting will be January 23, 2022 @3pm. Location to be determined.

    • Schooling in Leverett - "10 to 1", One-Room Schoolhouse Oral History Project publication. Collaboration with Leverett Education Foundation to highlight Leverett Elementary School and education's historical importance in Leverett. Next steps?

      MOTION, moved by Susan Lynton, seconded by Sara Robinson: "...that funds derived from the sale of the book "10 to 1", published by the Leverett Historical Commission with Leveller's Press and the Leverett Historical Society be donated to the LHS and designated to be used specifically to repair and restore the Moore's Corner Schoolhouse.".

      Pass: Aye: Ann Tweedy, Eva Gibavic, Susan Mareneck, Anne Schuyler, Sara Robinson, Susan Lynton. Not Present: Edie Field.

      We look forward to ideas for an event to happen in the first week of June of 2022 that would include the elders ("Scholars") and students who interviewed them in 2017-18. Discussion about video compilation that Toler Poole is working on.

    • Stone walls - Preserving stone walls in Leverett - "Mapping Leverett", a project for 250th that brings together neighbors to locate and restore Leverett's stone walls.

  8. Cemeteries

    • Individual Cemetery Issues

    • Veterans Recognition Project - New resource listing Leverett veterans from the TH vault..

  9. LHC - Schedules/ Meetings/ Duties

    • LHC Membership - LHC Vacancy

    • Town website - Update history section on Town website -"Leverett History" on town website

  10. Special topics

    • Suggested topic - Suggested topic for future exploration - updating the Howe's Brothers photos now (30 years after last "update")?

  11. New Business

    • General Discussion...
      News from Sarah Todd: after a couple of years of attempting to sell/move the Dickinson Farmstead house, now vacant and failing to find a buyer or place to move it to, Sarah is planning to have the Conway School of Landscape Architecture dismantle the house and recycle the materials. Eva might try to do a 3D Lidar image of the house. Susan M and Eva will document in early November. Reach out to Amy and/or MA Preservation in last ditch effort to find someone who wants to save it?

  12. Meeting Wrap-up

    • Next Meetings:
      1. Mon, Nov 8, at 7:00 PM "Historical Commission Meeting" -- REMOTE - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86125147556
      2. Mon, Nov 22, at 7:00 PM "Re-scheduled Historical Commission meeting" -- REMOTE - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86125147556
      3. Tue, Nov 30, at 7:00 PM "Historical Commission meeting" -- REMOTE - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86125147556
      4. Mon, Dec 13, at 7:00 PM "Historical Commission meeting" -- REMOTE - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86125147556
      5. Mon, Jan 10, at 7:00 PM "Historical Commission" -- REMOTE - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86125147556
      6. Mon, Feb 14, at 7:00 PM "Historical Commission meeting" -- REMOTE - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86125147556
    • Published! Meeting Closed at 8:40 PM.

The listing of matters is those reasonably anticipated by the Chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.

Minutes prepared by SM

Minutes approved on Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021

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