Leverett Energy Committee September 2021 Meeting

Tuesday, September 21, 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm
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A meeting of the Energy Committee

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Agenda for upcoming Leverett Energy Committee

One: Ask for suggestions to be added to the agenda; emphasize importance of getting suggestions to Shirley or Portia several days before meeting to make reasonable time spaces.

Two: Shirley and Portia had idea together about advancing our climate crisis efforts in response to the UN IPCC CODE RED declaration. Hastily we created the Leverett Energy Committee ALERT, envisioned as well-researched and small town-appropriate categories of action to combat and mitigate climate crises. We started with the need to eliminate most current uses of plastic, calling it ALERT # One. We offer and ask for ideas from townspeople, including reports/confessions of progress made or difficulties encountered. We presented it as a town-wide plan, which it can't be until our outreach goes to every town resident (a lot of residents are not on the Leverett Connect network), but we can start where we are. We were impressed with the number and quality of residents' suggestions.

Three: Response to idea of expanding purpose and format of the LES ALERT to all of Franklin County, including Bob Dean's enthusiastic response to this idea.

Four: Plan for committee members to volunteer to attend regional FRCOG meetings.

Revised agenda

1) Add new agenda items; best practice is to send agenda items before meetings so we can reflect on them beforehand;

2) Discuss when/if we should begin face-to-face meetings at the Town Hall or possibly outdoors;

3) Decide if we want Shirley to post on the Town Website her description of our aggregation arrangements with Colonial. She has reworked a similar document displayed by the Town of Hadley. See attachment. Corrections accepted.
Some of us are still getting phone calls from still LEC 9.21.21or newly confused residents;

4) Status of micro-grid and hydro-Power projects in town;

5) New project: LEC ALERT emails on climate issues urging residents to join effort to stop and mitigate global warming, Shirley and Portia report;

6) Related to 5 above; discuss idea of expanding purpose and format of the ALERT project with any Franklin County town with residents interested in joining

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