Historical Commission Meeting

Monday, July 12, 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm
Historic Assets Yearly Review - meet in person 7pm at Leverett Crafts and Arts (outside)
A meeting of the Historical Commission

Meeting of Historical Commission

Members: (Quorum)

  • Absent: Edie Field, Honorary
  • Absent: Susan Lynton
  • Absent: Anne Schuyler
  • Present: Eva Gibavic, at 7:00 PM
  • Present: Ann Tweedy, at 7:00 PM
  • Present: Sara Robinson, at 7:00 PM
  • Present: Susan Mareneck, Chair, at 7:00 PM

Also Present:

  • This meeting was held in four locations in town: Leverett Crafts and Arts/Beaman-Marvel Box Shop (Mitch Mulholland present)
  • Town Garage
  • Slarrow Sawmill and Moore's Corner Schoolhouse (Dawn Ward present). Each location had received CPA funds for preservation. Three have Historic Preservation Restrictions. Commission is charged with doing a yearly site assessment.

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Meeting opened: 7:00 PM

Meeting closed: 9:30 PM

  1. Meeting Preliminaries

  2. Review and document CPA-funded properties

    • In-person meeting - Observations and documentation of historic properties which have received preservation funding from the Community Preservation Act account. Leverett Arts & Crafts - 7pm; Town Garage - 7:25pm; North Leverett Sawmill - 7:50pm; Moore's Corner School House - 8:15pm

      General Discussion...
      Using a draft template for evaluating the condition of each site, which includes language from the Community Preservation Commission's Historic Preservation Restriction (HPR) or, in the case of the Town Garage, the original grant application detailing what CPA funds were used for, the LHC members documented current conditions. During the tour, it became apparent that the draft template needed additional categories and will be amended. If there were questions for the parties not present, follow-up communication will be made. In two of the locations there are efforts of interested community members to scope out maintenance or repair and future viability issues. In one case it is an ad hoc committee appointed by the Select Board to make a recommendation to them on the advisability of the town accepting the offer of ownership from a private trust. In the other, it is a group of concerned citizens volunteering to assist the Leverett Historical Society with their property. Once outstanding questions are answered a report will be written and shared.

  3. Access to Historical Commission monthly meeting - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86125147556

    • SM contact - leveretthistoryinfo@gmail.com Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86125147556 Meeting ID: 861 2514 7556 Since the state will allow virtual meetings to continue until 4/22, the LHC plans to hold a hybrid meeting with in-person gathering at town hall and zoom combined. We hope this experiment will allow everyone to attend.

  4. Historical Commission Mission and Vision

    • Mission statement - Mission & Vision statement draft (see Agenda item #4). In addition to identifying and evaluating sites, how does LHC mission sync with encouraging sustainable preservation of our historical assets?

  5. LHC Activities Timeline

    • LHC Activities Timeline - Timeline illustrates Mission & Vision - draft. At this juncture, 3 years from the 250th, what focus of LHC might be most effective?

  6. Preservation Planning for Historical Assets

    • Industrial History programming - UPDATE on "A Sense of Where You Are: Getting to Know Leverett's Industrial Past' Virtual and in-person tours to Leverett's historic industrial landscape and sites." Finishing up 2021 with Chestnut Hill Mill and investigation into a signage program? Outline for 2022 programs? Is a focus on sustainable re-use for prominent historic buildings in village centers desirable?

      General Discussion...
      The Chestnut Hill mill site virtual visit is planned for Friday 8/6, 7pm. The in-person visit to same site (off Chestnut Hill Road, North Leverett) for Sunday 8/8. More information available on the registration site. (see Historical Commission page on the town website for link to register).

    • LHS Collection Inventory - UPDATE - Moore's Corner Schoolhouse and Field Family Museum collections of the Leverett Historical Society inventoried and digitized. Define LHC role?

      General Discussion...
      Work on CPC "Inventory Grant" is underway at the Moore's Corner Schoolhouse collection.

    • Slarrow Sawmill and other prominent historic properties - UPDATE - 250th goal to work with the Historical Commission, Planning Board, etc. to plan for sustainable preservation of historic buildings in the village centers. Discuss Historical Commission role in preserving town's historic properties. Most are privately owned. How can the Historical Commission take a pro-active stance to encourage preservation and sustainable adaptive re-use?

      General Discussion...
      The Select Board has appointed an ad hoc committee of interested resident volunteers to evaluate the viability for the historic Slarrow Sawmill. Currently owned by a private trust, there is the possibility that the town could, through taking ownership, secure its future preservation through adaptive reuse.

  7. History-related Cultural Events

    • Leverett 250 - Planning for 250th year 2024 in Leverett. Fund-raising questions. Next meeting Sunday, July 18, 3pm Library (raindate 7/25). (Judith Inglese received Cultural Council grant and will proceed.)

    • Schooling in Leverett - "10 to 1", One-Room Schoolhouse Oral History Project publication. Collaboration with Leverett Education Foundation to highlight Leverett Elementary School and education's historical importance in Leverett. Next steps?

    • Stone walls - Preserving stone walls in Leverett - "Mapping Leverett", a project for 250th that brings together neighbors to locate and restore Leverett's stone walls.

  8. Cemeteries

    • Individual Cemetery Issues

    • Veterans Recognition Project - New resource listing Leverett veterans from the TH vault..

  9. CPA - Reconnaissance

    • Reporting - Template for monitoring CPA funded properties. Protocols for Historic Preservation Restrictions TBD. Town Hall HPR? When to tour sites - July meeting?

  10. Old Business

  11. LHC - Schedules/ Meetings/ Duties

    • LHC Membership - LHC Vacancy

    • Town website - Update history section on Town website -"Leverett History" on town website

  12. Special topics

    • Suggested topic - Suggested topic for future exploration - updating the Howe's Brothers photos now (30 years after last "update")?

  13. New Business

  14. Meeting Wrap-up

    • Next Meetings:
      1. Mon, Aug 2, at 7:00 PM "Historical Commission Meeting" -- Historic Assets Yearly Review - meet in person 7pm at Leverett Crafts and Arts (outside)
      2. Mon, Sep 13, at 7:00 PM "Historical Commission Meeting" -- Historic Assets Yearly Review - meet in person 7pm at Leverett Crafts and Arts (outside)
      3. Mon, Oct 18, at 7:00 PM "Historical Commission Meeting" -- Historic Assets Yearly Review - meet in person 7pm at Leverett Crafts and Arts (outside)
    • Published! Meeting Closed at 9:30 PM.

The listing of matters is those reasonably anticipated by the Chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.

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