Revenue Committee Meeting

Revenue Committee Meeting

Tuesday, April 27, 1:15 pm until 2:30 pm
A meeting of the Sustainable Economy Committee

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Meeting ID: 815 0442 1387


  1. Vote to approve minutes from 4-13 Revenue Committee meeting
  2. Discuss meeting schedule
  3. Debrief on Community Compact Grant outcome and discuss other grant opportunities
  4. Preparing for public discussion of Year-end Report, Town Meeting etc.
  5. Open discussion

Minutes taken by Tim Shores

Approved at 5/11/21 meeting

Present: Susan Mareneck, Tom Ewing, Pat Duffy, Tim Shores, Tom Hankinson, Susan Lynton

  • Vote to approve minutes from April 13 meeting: Pat moves to approve, Tom E. seconds. Unanimously approved.

  • Discussion about Meeting schedule: Tim has difficulty making this time, Dan may as well although real estate work is likely to pull him away at any time. Susan L may be leaving town for the summer, and suggests we meet less often. Tim support meeting monthly, and focusing on fewer activities: recruiting and onboarding new members, and designing (but not distributing) the livability survey. Susan M. would like to make sure we keep up momentum on grants. Tom E. suggests

  • Discussion of membership, in case we expand to a total of 9:

    • Susan M wanted to check in about possible new members.

    • Tom H. had suggested Jim Field, and he will ask him about it.

    • Susan L. is talking about it with Don Southwick. Don Robinson is considering her invitation, and he has a lot of experience as an assessor, and is married to an old family.

    • Pat is talking with Kip Fonsh, and has been talking with 16 year old Leverett resident Jacob Laney -- we may have a junior, non-voting member.

    • Susan L and Dan are preparing to reach out to the Kittredge estate.

    • Dan and Susan M may be reaching out to a developer.

    • Tom E. suggests thinking about groups in town and representation: People who have lived here a very long time, people who are not affluent, people who are impacted by tax affordability. Jim Field fits this profile.

    • Tom H suggested Bethany Seeger; Tim will reach out to her.

  • Research idea, suggested by Tom H., an idea he got while reading the Rev Comm end of year report: a case study on the Kittredge Estate, how it unfolded and how it will impact us going forward.

  • Debrief on Community Compact Grant outcome:

    • Susan L confirmed that Margie sent in the Master Plan application for Community Compact, submitted by Planning. We await notification through the MS One Stop platform of acceptance or decline.

    • Disappointment that the Community Compact Grant funds have been exhausted before we could pursue the Financial Forecasting best practice grant. Marjorie McGinnis advised Susan M. to bring the discussion again in the fall so we can prepare the application early next year. Margie doesn’t know the date when new funds will be available. She also stated that the Town has a lot of people with different ideas for Community Compact grant applications.

    • Susan M action step: will follow up with Margie about the possibility of receiving advance notification of new Community Compact grant funds. Margie may already be scheduling something for September 14, for multiple Town departments, committees and boards at once.

  • Other grants?

    • Tim still in conversation with Chris Condit at Library, and Recreation Committee, about pursuing Community Planning Grant to supplement the library’s bequest that they plan to use for solar power on the RecComm’s planned pavilion. No movement on this at the moment, most of the discussion is between RecComm and Library to coordinate the project.

    • Pat learned at FRCOG meeting that Leverett stands to get ~$583K from the American Rescue Act. Margie would like it to go for the water line, keeping the tax implications of that lower.

  • Town Meeting: Plan for Tim to give a short presentation about the year-end report.

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