Trash Disposal

The Leverett Transfer Station

Transfer Station Hours & Access:

The Station is open Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. From Memorial Day to Labor Day; the Station opens ½
hour earlier; and, is open on Wednesdays from 6:00 until 7:30 p.m. The Station is closed for Easter Sunday, July 4th, Christmas Day and New Years Day.
Stickers (permits) are issued on a fiscal year basis. Vehicles should display a current sticker in front of the rear view mirror.


Compactable, non-recyclable, non-hazardous household waste may be deposited in Town Trash Bags or personal container.
Town Bags are available at the Station and Town Hall. The Bags, 16 and 33 gallon capacity, come in sleeves of 5, which cost $5
and $10 respectively. Items brought in personal bags will be charged using the same process, ask attendant before unloading.

 TVs, monitors, rugs, mattresses, furniture, hazardous materials and exercise equipment are not allowed in the compactor nor reuse
areas. Larger items and construction items  can be brought to the station during normal weekend hours (closed in the winter). Check with the attendant for disposal fees  before unloading.  Disposal fees are undated on the Trasfer Station page.   The minimum fine for illegal dumping is $300 per occurrence and possible revocation of drivers licence. Leaf and yard waste cannot be accepted at the Station, they are

prohibited by the State Waste Ban Regulations.  All residents can use the Greenfield Transfer Station for other items that we do not accept.


It is illegal and unethical to dispose of recycleable materials; plastic, glass, cardboard and compost, in your household trash.

Put the The State Waste Bans prohibit the disposal of: mercury bearing waste (things that contain mercury) like: fluorescent lamps, thermometers and mercury switches (like the ones in older thermostats). They also prohibit the disposal of CRTs (cathode ray tubes / picture tubes) like those found in TVs and computer monitors. Refrigerators, dehumidifies and anything that contained refrigerant.

Plastic, metal and glass containers under 2 gallons; juice and drink boxes and freezer board can be recycled, keep plastic caps on bottles. Freezer board is paper board that is white when torn. Please rinse containers. Flatten non-glass containers; try not to break glass. They cannot sort the glass if it’s broken. No: coat hangers, egg crates, plastic caps or lids, Styrofoam, ceramics, plate glass, plastic caps or lids, flat ware, scrap metal, plastic caps or lids, hazardous waste containers (ie., motor oil), light bulbs, corks. 

Paper Products
Clean, dry: office paper, paper board (cereal boxes etc.), kraft paper (like paper bags), corrugated paper (cardboard) unwaxed packing paper, magazines, books (remove covers). Please remove: excessive tape and Styrofoam packing materials from boxes. Reasonably clean and dry materials only. Please flatten completely all cardboard boxes; and either bag or tie loose paper. Bag or tie loose papers.
No: tissue paper, six pack containers, animal food bags with waxed or plastic liners, pizza boxes, textured cardboard (like egg crates), thick cardboard tubing, juice and drink boxes, waxed or foiled Christmas wrapping paper or ribbons. (Juice and drink cartons go in with the bottles and cans).  Some food soiled paper may be composted instead, ask attendant.

Take it or Leave it - Clothes, working kitchen and household items, games, tools, toys and most other useable items in good condition. No furniture. If the item weights over 15 lbs, or is larger than 2 cubic feet, it should not be left here.
Book Shed- Please do not leave dated materials (travel guides, year books, encyclopedias), or text books.
Packing Pellets- In right rear of book shed.
Planting Pots- We sometimes take.  Can be recycled in Greenfield
Electronics- In shed next to office. See attendant.
Egg Crates - one dozen size, paper crates only. Next to attendant office.
Motor Oil -
Construction Materials & Furniture - See attendant. There will be a fee for all items left.
Paint and Stains - see attendant.  We do not accept oil paints or stains.   Use super site. 

Special Items:

CRTs - Cathode Ray Tubes are the “picture tubes” in TVs and computer (video) monitors. Waste bans prohibit landfilling these items because the glass contains led. The led may leach out if the glass is broken. See attendant.
Paint - latex and oil based paints cost $2 per can to leave (that’s what it costs us to get rid of it). See attendant.
Mercury Bearing Materials - Fluorescent lamps, thermometers, thermostats, button batteries etc. - See attendant.
Motor Oil Filters - Must be drained.  Scrap metal.
Food Composters - Usually available in the warm weather.
Batteries - Both car and all household are accepted.
Household Hazardous Materials (pesticides & strong chemical agents) - Annual collection hosted by FCSWMD October.
Antifreeze - we do not accept; use supersite
Construction & Demolition Materials, White Goods,
Furniture, Tires, Rugs, Electronics and Scrap Metal. See attendant.
Fever Thermometer Exchange - See attendant.


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