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Reminder: During winter hours please check this website in case we need to close due to weather.

Currently we are on winter hours:

Saturday 10-1, Sunday 10-1 and Wednesday 2-5

Member of the Franklin County Solid Waste District (FCSWMD). Click here for more information.

 REMINDER for residents that recycle pellet bags at the transfer station;  We only accept clean and dry bags pellet bags.  Shake out any pellets or trash.  NO OTHER TYPE OF BAG IS ACCEPTED IN THIS PROGRAM!  Frequent offenders include; plastic shopping bags, bird seed bags and animal feed bags.  The pellet bag is a #4 soft plastic that has been funded by a grant.  Currently there are no recycling options for birdsead bags (#7 plastic).  

Recycling plastic shopping bags are accepted at Stop and Shop and Big Y or you can give to an attendant.  BEST PRACTICES:  Train everyone in your household to turn these bags inside out, this ensures that contamination including RECIEPTS!  Currently we have too much contamination in this program and if it continues, we will not be able to offer this service any longer.


Transfer Station Stickers required:   Purchase your 2017 transfer station brown sticker (valid until June 30, 2017) at the transfer station or town hall (tax collecter office) for $30.00, additional stickers for your household are $3.00.  Cash or check only, license plate number required.

Sticker gives you access to these FREE services: commercial composting, pellet bag recycling, reuse sheds; books, clothing, take it or leave it, kids zone, lawfully dispose of CFL lightbulbs and other mercury, ballasts, batteries, recycle bottles and cans, recycle mixed paper, small scrap metal.  For a fee you can recycle electronics and metal appliances.  All of these servies made it possible for Leverett to have a 51% recycling rate in 2015 the highest in the district!!!  Thank you for your committment to the 5 R's;  reduce, refuse, reuse, repurpose then recycle! 

General List of Yes and No Recycle guidelines
Leverett composting FREE and it saves you money and our planet! 


Did you miss the Annual Houshold Hazardous Waste Day held in October? As a resident of Leverett you also have access to at least six household hazardous waste collections a year.  

The District has made agreements with other towns in the Pioneer Valley  to allow Franklin County residents
to participate at their events.
If you are a District resident, contact the Solid Waste District at or 413-772-2438
to pre-register for any Pioneer Valley household hazardous waste collections. 
For a complete list of collection event dates, times and locations,  click here 
In all cases, pre-registration is required.

Snow & Bad Weather Cancellation

The decision is based on the potential for icing and the Highway Department’s ability to keep up with snow, therefore there is the possibility the Station could close after opening in the event that the conditions present a serious safety issue.

No more scale to weigh trash.  Please review new price lists for trash, electronics, appliances and construction materials.  If you have further questions ask an attendant, call or email us

Purchase Leverett town bags at the Transfer Station or use your own bags.

Leverett town bags:     Small 16gal Pack of 5: $5 ($1 ea.)  Large 33 gal. Pack of 5: $10 ($2 ea.)

Use your own bags: Small 16 gal. $1 ***  Large 33 gal. $2   ***  Contractor 33-50 gal. $3

Bulky Items pdf

We accept bulky items like, mattresses, upholstered furniture, wood furniture, toilets, sinks, carpets and other non-hazardous items.  Please ask attendant for help with disposing. Fees vary, see Transfer Station Handout for complete pricing.

Bulk and Contruction Waste open for the season

Bulk waste is open for the season, please see our price list 

Greenfield Tranfer Station also accepts residents of Franklin County year round. Visit their webisite for prices:  

Household waste disposal is subject to the rules and guidelines set by the Massachusetts DEP. Please read and understand the handout we offer before disposing of your waste.  Leaf and yard waste cannot be accepted at the transfer station.  They are prohibited by the State Waste Ban Regulations.

The minimum fine for illegal dumping is $300 per occurrence and possible revocation of driver's license. We report all illegal dumping and suspicious activity to the police.

Dual Stream Recycling

See our complete recycling handout here.

For detailed information on what happens to recyclables from Leverett check out:

Bottles and Cans (Containers)  

Plastic, metal and glass containers under 2.5 gallons but bigger than a laundry detergent cap.

Paper like cartons for juice, soup and milk and juice boxes get mixed in with bottles and cans not with paper.  Interested in knowing why this is important, click her or pick up a free copy at the transfer station.

Great way to remember what's recyclable in bottles and cans: food, drink and soap productsOur attendants love to answer questions!

Everything that gets recycled in the bottles and cans may be used to produce new containers for the food products you eat. Therefore, any containers that contained poisons and such should not be recycled. Read on for specifics.

No: Plastic bags!  No: Black plastics the plastics are sorted on a black conveyor belt by a machine and it cannot see the difference between a black container and the belt (there is no market for black plastic in this area).No Styrofoam.  No #6/polystyrene (made from part plastic/part Styrofoam) - usual suspects: solo cups and take-out cups.

No plastic egg crates, coat hangers, ceramics, plate glass, plastic ware, flat ware, scrap metal, hazardous waste (i.e. motor oil), light bulbs, or remove corks. 

Yes: We can now recycle Aerosol Cans, but only whole (no holes!), clean, and lid-free cans of the following types: food, laundry, health and first aid, and beauty products. Cans that contained paint, lubricants, poisons, and other hazardous waste cannot be recycled.   

Yes: We can now recycle clam-shell containers, because they hand sort this at the Springfield MRF.  

Yes we can now recycle bottle caps and lids of all sizes. But only if lids/caps are attached to the container. 

Please rinse containers.  Flatten non-glass containers; try not to break glass.  They cannot sort the glass if it’s broken.

Clean, dry: office paper, paper board (cereal boxes etc.), craft paper (like paper bags), corrugated paper (cardboard) un-waxed packing paper, magazines, books (remove covers). 
Please remove: excessive tape and Styrofoam packing materials from boxes.  Reasonably clean and dry materials only.  Please flatten all cardboard boxes and try to either bag or tie loose paper.

No: tissue paper, six pack containers, animal food bags, pizza boxes, textured cardboard (like egg crates), thick cardboard tubing, juice and drink boxes, waxed or foiled Christmas wrapping paper or ribbons.

Commercial Composting

Even if you already compost at home you can use our compost program too!  We use commercial composting system so you can compost more than at home like, foods soiled paper and cardboard like pizza boxes and takeout containers, meat scraps, and much more. Read specifics: Handouts available at town hall and transfer station.

Check out this article:

Reuse Sheds/Swap Shops Our sheds are available to you because of the small handful wonderful volunteers!  Please make sure to read guidelines before leaving anything at these sheds.   

Take it or Leave it - Useful kitchen and household items, games, tools, toys and most other useable items in reasonably good condition.   

If the item weights over 5 lbs. please see attendant before leaving it. If your item is broken or does not work, do not leave in this shed.  See handout for list of items that should not be left.

Book Shed- Please do not leave dated materials or textbooks.  Yes, this includes travel guides, encyclopedias, yearbooks and almanacs.

Clothing Shed: This shed is for clothing that you may still love but you just can't keep in your closet anymore.  If you have clothing that is not something that is not suitable for this shed, you may put it in the metal Salvation Army box (Salvation Army items must be in bags).  

Egg crates - one dozen size, paper crates only.  Put in shed next to Rattlesnake Gutter. Any egg crates that do not look usable, put in compost instead.

Other recycling: 

For Deposit Containers / Refundables  - can be left at the "Rattlesnake Gutter" shed.  Monies recovered will be set aside for purchase of land for conservation.

Pellet bags- Please put dry empty bags in light blue container next to Salvation Army.  Bags must be dry and 100% free from pellets.  To be a superstar you could turn them insid
Batteries: The following batteries can NOT go in the trash: rechargable batteries,  Nickel-cadmium (Ni-cad), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-ion), Small Sealed Lead (Pb), Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn), Small Sealed Lead (Pb),Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn), Rechargeable razors, toothbrushes, flashlights, hand held vacuums, button and lithium batteries cellphones and their batteries. Please give to attendant NO CHARGE for disposal.  Battery handout
 Alkaline, Carbon Zinc, Zinc Chloride batteries are safe to throw away in your trash. All sizes such as AAA, AA, C, D, and 9 volt can go in bagged trash. Check labels carefully.

Paper Bags - Clean, dry, brown paper bags, please fold and bag.  Leave at the office.

See the Transfer Station Handout for the most recent charges and restrictions for special items.

We also have a handout covering the restrictions on household hazardous waste disposal here.

Transfer Station Hours
Year Round: Saturday and Sunday
                     10:00am until 1:00pm

Wednesday from 4:00pm until 7:00pm (summer)
                             2:00pm until 5:00pm (winter)

Transfer station is closed Easter Sunday, 4th July, Christmas Day and New Years Day.
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