Flu Clinic Update

Update on Leverett Flu Clinic:

In the past, Leverett has received free vaccines from the Department of Public Health. Mary Jo Korfhage, BSN, and Sandy Rogers, RN, administered the shots as volunteers and the Council on Aging (COA) helped run the clinic, mostly for those over 60 or with chronic conditions. 

Last year, stimulus money helped to pay for the vaccine. This year, without that money, the DPH has reduced the number of vaccine available for free and has decided that only uninsured or underinsured people receive this free-to-the-town vaccine. The policy this year is a big difference from past years when seniors with Medicare and those with chronic conditions were still able to get the vaccine at this kind of flu clinic. Another big difference is that now children are the priority recipients of the vaccine, not seniors.

However, it appears that there is plenty of the vaccine around. If you have insurance, including Medicare, It is suggested that you get the vaccine where you can, as long as you are not paying out of pocket for anything. You should be asked to sign a waiver allowing the doctor (or whomever) to bill your insurance company or Medicare for both the vaccine and the administration of the vaccine.

If you or someone you know is uninsured or underinsured and would like to receive one of the flu shots reserved for Leverett, please contact Mary Jo Korfhage at 548-9616. Depending on the response to this request, we will decide how to proceed.

Looking ahead to next year, we hope to bring much better news. We hope to be working with the Leverett Board of Health to bring you a flu clinic again, everyone invited, but instead of counting on the free shots that DPH is willing to give us, we are looking into paying for the vaccine and then roster billing insurance companies. The reimbursement from the insurance companies should be more than enough to make the flu clinic a self-sustaining entity, especially with volunteer administration of the shot and of the paperwork.


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