Board of Health

 State and local statutes and regulations outline the Board of Health's responsibilities.  The primary duties relate to the protection of public health, promotion of sanitary living conditions, control of disease and protection of the environment from damage and pollution.

The Board of Health oversees soil evaluation and percolation tests and approves disposal systems (for new construction, proposed additions to existing homes, and repairs or replacements of existing sewage disposal systems), applies well regulations to all well construction and work, and cooperates with the health agent.

The Board of Health meets on the first and third Monday of each month on the second floor of Town Hall.  
If there is a Monday holiday, the Board will meet on the following Wednesday.  
The public meeting begins at 7:00 PM for administrative business by the Board. 
Walk-in or scheduled appointments begin at 7:30 PM.  
The public is welcome.

Please check the Leverett Town Events Calendar for exact dates.

Board of Health Agendas

Board of Health Minutes 2016-2017

Board of Health Minutes 2014-2015

Board of Health Minutes 2012-2013

Board of Health Minutes 2010 - 2011

Board of Health Minutes 2007 thru 2009

Important Board of Health Documents:

Leverett Tobacco Sales Regulations

Leverett ETS Regulation

Leverett ETS regulation 1-21-2015.pdf524.42 KB
Leverett Tobacco Sales Regulation 1-21-2015.pdf434.94 KB
Leverett Aquifer Zoning Map1987.pdf3.31 MB
Septic System Regulations (218).pdf140.19 KB
Well Permit Application.pdf215.05 KB


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